Intake for Adults                    $ 35.00

Intake for Youth (Under 18)   $20.00

AOD Evaluation                   $150.00

Mental Health Assesment     $250.00
Level I Education                  $100.00

Group Fee– Adult                  $25.00
DV Group Fee                       $30.00

Group Fee– Youth                 $15.00

   7 Panel(per screen)             $17.00

 Sliding scales available for those who qualify.


Spanish Clinic, LLC

Clinical Services

Spanish Clinic offers treatment that is Cognitive-Behavioral based; as this helps clients restructure their thought patterns and therefore their behavior.  Our treatment is also focused on skills building, so the theory can be applied to each individual’s life situation.

Spanish Clinic serves in an area that is thought to be in need of bilingual and bicultural services. It is the belief of Spanish Clinic that one of the main venues for change derives from understanding an individual's culture and cultural environment.  This agency wants to deliver education and treatment regarding drugs and alcohol in a culturally appropriate environment for all clients. Spanish Clinic offers programs in the areas of addictions and mental health to the general population and to women and minors. 

Adult Progams:

  • DWAI/DUI Education – Level I 
  • DWAI/DUI Level II Education and Therapy
  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment
  • Recovery Planning /Relapse Prevention for Adults 12 week program
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Parenting Classes. 12 week program.   Active Parenting Curriculum.
  • Anger Management 12 week program
  • Victim Impact Program 6 week program

   Youth Progams:

    ¨ Substance Abuse Treatment.  6—12 week program.

    ¨ Marijuana Specific.  6—12 week program.

    ¨ Stimulants Specific.  6—12 week program.

    ¨ Recovery Planning /Relapse Prevention. 6—12 week program

    ¨ Aggression Control. 12 week program.

    ¨ Truancy Program. 6 week program

     ¨ Petty Theft Program.  3 week program
    Youth Fitting Into Society.  12 week program

    ¨ Teen Parenting Class–  6 week program .  Curriculum and workbooks from ARAISE

    Other Clinical Services:

    Þ Evaluations: Substance Abuse, Anger Issues and Mental Health Assessment

    Þ Individual and Family therapy in English and Spanish.

    Þ Monitored Sobriety on site:  Urinalysis    Breathalyzer   Disulfiram (Antabuse)




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